Traditional Chinese Cultural Performances and Events to Host at Your Lantern Festival

Our highly-specialized team recruits the best and most professional talent from across China for each event at our Chinese light show. Our stage entertainment options range from traditional art performances like face changing and martial arts to popular acrobatic acts, including contortion and plate spinning. We also invite local talents to join our onstage entertainment, adding more variety and fun to the festival!

The Chinese culture brings together a wide variety of cultural activities that are practiced and performed in different events and celebrations. From folk dances and dazzling acrobatics to sumptuous clothing, mouth-watering food, and intricate Chinese art forms and handicrafts, our performances teach people about Chinese culture while providing top notch entertainment for the whole family.

Traditional Chinese Dances

The Chinese dancers who perform at our events are among the best in the world, creating an unforgettable Chinese performing arts experience.

Some of the most breathtaking dances that you can expect to watch and enjoy in a Chinese traditional dance performance include the Court dance, Prince Qin’s Cavalry, Nichang Yuyi, Ribbon dance, Dai dance, Tibetan dance, Mongolian dance, The Miao dance, and the Lion dance.

Each of these dances portrays a different meaning based on the time at which the dances were choreographed.

The Lion dance, for example, is used to kick off the Chinese New Year celebrations, and it’s characterized by a parade of clowns lined up in the streets. Two dancers usually hide inside a papier-mache head, dancing from business to business while receiving gifts.

The Miao dance, on the other hand, is among the oldest and most practiced dance in the country. The dance is used by the Hmong people to symbolize their wealth by using silver. In Chinese history, silver is viewed as a sign of prosperity, happiness, and social and economic status.

Chinese Acrobatics

Acrobatics has been a part of Chinese culture throughout the country’s long history.

The daring acrobatic styles appear very dangerous, but the stunts of our expert acrobats keep your eyes glued to the stage.

Chinese acrobats travel around the world to dazzle audiences with their skills, but it is usually hard to come across them in most countries. That’s why the Chinese cultural performances we produce are such rare, not-to-be-missed experiences.

The Chinese acrobatic styles are divided into two forms: circus style and martial arts style. In the martial arts style, the acrobats perform by imitating a kung fu-style fighting scene, using various weapons.

The circus style of Chinese acrobatics, on the other hand, features individual performers and a group of acrobats, who perform amazing acts such as juggling with lanterns, balancing, and gymnastics.