Tianyu Lantern festivals celebrate the seasons with beautiful illumination

Tianyu’s lantern festivals have proven to drive attendance and revenue for partners across the United States, regardless of the climate or season. From Seattle to Boston, Oklahoma City to Central Florida, Tianyu events offer entertainment, education, and inspiration 12 months a year.

Summer festivals bring guests outdoors to enjoy the colorful displays during warm evenings. Crowds flock to winter festivals when the lights turn on earlier and the glowing sculptures provide warmth for the soul and imagination. Our artisans create flowering trees, cherished symbols, and collections of native animals to celebrate the natural world and changing seasons, customized to fit the location and timing of each festival. 

From the design process to fabrication, Tianyu’s talented team focuses on bright colors and intricate details to capture the essence of every lantern subject. In collaboration with venue partners, we have created an impressive collection of customized lanterns to match the changing seasons. While light shows are always popular during the winter holidays, lantern festivals are popular attractions and events year-round.

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. While the elusive beauty of the pink and white flowers lasts about two weeks, our lanterns showcase the signature flowers for weeks at a time, as visitors saw at the Asian Lantern Festival at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Guests to the North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival in Cary have enjoyed delicate-looking lanterns depicting colorful wisteria flowers symbolizing life, purity, and immortality. 

Summertime brings a focus on outdoor activity and environmental beauty, creating clear connections for our nature-themed displays. Boston Lights at Franklin Park Zoo opened its doors to visitors in July, the warmest month of the summer season, where visitors found a sunflower tunnel decorated with bees and dragonflies – a popular Instagram-able spot. Lotus flowers, tulips, and sunflowers are just a few of the dynamic flora that populates traditional and contemporary lantern designs. You can almost smell the scents as you walk through the lighted blooms in our various festivals.

Autumn reflects changes in nature and plentiful harvests, and a focus on animals preparing for hibernation. Festival guests can imagine deer and birds frolicking among brilliant fall leaves. Visitors to the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival in Franklin Square delighted at lantern displays of squirrels scurrying for food.



Chilly temperatures, blankets of snow, and festive celebrations provide both challenges and creativity for our designers to create lanterns for winter festivals. Lantern festivals are tremendously popular in the winter months when lights brighten the night along with traditional holiday displays. Guests have enjoyed holiday lantern displays at Wild Lights at the Louisville Zoo, the Glowfari at Oakland Zoo, and Boston Light, all Tianyu-produced festivals.

Whichever season is your favorite, we have a selection of lantern displays to fit your venues.  Our team of designers and artisans can also create custom lanterns that illustrate and illuminate the beauty of the natural environment in authentic and colorful detail.