Celebrate earth day every day and promote conservation with tianyu

Nature is a priority for Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. and a focus of our work. While Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, we incorporate Earth Day messages into our festivals year-round. Over the last decade, we have worked tirelessly with zoos, botanical gardens, and natural science institutions to promote a sustainable world and protect the animals that inhabit it. Our partners’ work inspires us, and we actively incorporate conservation and sustainable messages throughout our lantern festivals. By creating colorful and engaging flora and fauna lanterns, our goal is to educate our guests on conservation and raise awareness of what we can do to protect endangered species.

 Our custom lantern designs are inspired by nature: spanning from birds, land mammals, reptiles, and aquatic animals in their natural habitats. Many of these awe-inspiring animals are in danger, such as polar bears and Emperor penguins. We believe that our festivals can act as a medium to deliver education and inspiration to guests. We reach millions of people and have the power to educate and promote action. In addition to designing and executing illuminating lantern festivals, we aim to awaken people’s deep consciousness and instinct to protect wildlife.

In 2018, we created two conservation-themed exhibitions in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, titled Ocean and Endangered & Extinct Animals. Our design team worked with the Museum’s specialists to create a realistic environment and animal lantern designs. We built an immersive and lifelike exhibit using lighting, smoke, and other effects, making visitors feel like they were actually in a forest or the ocean.

Ocean was a magical and entertaining experience that promoted biodiversity to the Museum’s visitors. Endangered & Extinct Animals worked to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. The exhibition featured extinct creatures that once roamed the planet and animals that are now endangered due to human activity, including elephants and panda bears. We worked closely with museum experts to guarantee that we appropriately depicted animals and included
useful facts about wildlife conservation in our displays. 

In addition to incorporating conservation messages in our festivals, we also focus on conservation as a company. We use LED lightbulbs to reduce energy consumption, reuse lanterns to the maximum extent, and recycle as much waste as possible. We aim to create more customized experiences that support various organizations’ conservation missions. Potential and current partners can contact us to learn more about our process and capabilities. Panda lantern