Shining a Light on Wildlife Conservation

Did you know that the Malayan tapir can hide in a river and use its flexible snout like a snorkel? Or that a Greenland shark might be the world’s oldest living vertebrate at up to 512 years old? Many of these awe-inspiring animals are in danger, and by recreating them in colorful and engaging ways, we hope to raise Tianyu lantern festival visitors’ awareness of animal conservation, and what we can do to protect endangered species

For over a decade, Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. has worked with zoos, botanical gardens, natural science institutions, and other destinations with the shared mission of environmental and wildlife conservation.

Taking a cue from our firsthand experience and collaborations, our custom lantern designs are inspired by nature — featuring birds, land mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish in their natural habitats, as well as endangered and extinct wildlife.

The endangered Malayan tapir lantern

Animals and plants are essential elements in Tianyu lantern events because of their connections to human life. We believe that our festivals can act as a medium to deliver positive messages across the globe — to not only light up cities but also to awaken people’s deep consciousness and instinct to protect wildlife.

In 2018, we created two conservation-themed exhibitions in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, titled Ocean and Endangered & Extinct Animals. These festivals mirrored the mission of the national history museum and its exhibitions; the museum in early 2019 held an ocean-themed exhibition, Océan, une plongée insolite (A Fantastic Adventure Under the Ocean).

Many Tianyu lanterns are inspired by endangered animals

Ocean was a magical and entertaining experience that promoted biodiversity to the museum’s visitors. Endangered & Extinct Animals worked to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. That exhibition featured extinct creatures that once lived on Earth, as well as animals that are now endangered due to human activity, including the polar bear and emperor penguin; coral, sea turtles, and sharks; and land creatures like the Malayan tapir, rhinoceros, golden monkey, and snow leopard.

During the preparation stage of the Endangered exhibition, we worked closely with museum experts to ensure that we accurately depicted animals and presented useful facts and information about wildlife conservation in our signage.

Tianyu worked closely with experts at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris to create conservation-themed Endangered & Extinct Animals and Ocean exhibitions

From research to modeling and production, our designers and artists take great care to visually reproduce the characteristics of each animal and plant, and then we make them larger than life so visitors can get up close and deepen their understanding of each species.

To create an immersive experience, we enhance the displays with lighting, smoke, and special effects to make visitors feel as if they have stepped into a forest or took a deep dive into the ocean. We combine the thrill of the experience with scientific and educational elements that enrich visitors’ knowledge of the plants and animals that play an important role in wildlife conservation and a healthy planet.

While our talented team can create customized experiences that amplify organizations’ messages of conservation, we also practice it as a company.

During the Paris Exhibition, we used LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption and we reused  lanterns to the maximum extent  in order to reduce the amount of materials used. Additionally, in the process of installation and disassembly, we recycled as many waste materials as possible.

An immersive shark tunnel lantern inspires ocean conservation efforts


We work closely with our partners to complement existing exhibitions, to amplify their own conservation messaging, and to supplement their public education efforts.

 Contact our professional planners for a customized plan to help your organization advance its conservation message with a revenue-generating light festival.