Create Your Own Chinese Lantern Pattern and Share it With Us!

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Can you tell which lantern display it is just by looking at the pattern? Many of our displays have unique patterns that make them stand out during the day and at night. In art, patterns can be used for decoration or as a compositional technique. 

Patterns in our lantern displays also convey culture significance to festival attendees.

Below are some patterns you can see in our Chinese lanterns. Let these inspire you to come up with your own interesting patterns!

Blue and White Porcelain

These intricate floral patterns are used in the lantern group Blue and White Porcelain.

A replica of the traditional blue and white porcelain commonly seen in China, these floral patterns are crucial in recreating this particular kind of porcelain art, which has been used since the 17th century.

Blue and White Elephant and the Colorful Unicorn Beetle

In our lantern designs, many common everyday objects are decorated with creative patterns. Take this Blue and White Elephant and the Colorful Unicorn Beetle for example. They are both much more eye-catching with the patterns added to them. How would these lanterns look if they had a different pattern? Pick one of your favorite Tianyu lanterns and try to add or change them using your own creative patterns!

Which of our lanterns it is?

Just by looking at the patterns below, can you tell which of our lanterns it is?