A Focus on Conservation

Over the last 12 years, Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. has worked with zoos, botanical gardens, and natural science institutions to create memorable festivals that millions of visitors enjoy each year. We have gained a firsthand look at the work our partners do to create a sustainable world and to protect the animals that inhabit it.

As a global, leading Chinese lantern festival producer, we are inspired by our partners’ work, and we actively promote conservation and sustainable messages throughout Tianyu festivals. Inspired by nature, our custom lantern designs have included kangaroos, flamingos, fish, cheetahs, and a range of other animals and plants.

Our efforts include the 2018 launch of a new themed lantern festival series at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, featuring two exhibitions titled “Endangered & Extinct Animals” and “Ocean.”

For this inaugural series, Tianyu’s design team worked with the Museum’s specialists to recreate a natural world and to create realistic animal lantern designs. Lighting, smoke, and many other effects were added to the exhibitions’ immersive experience to make visitors feel as if they were in a real forest or in the ocean.

The lanterns were carefully chosen to reflect each theme, featuring designs of rare and extinct species like rhinoceroses, pandas, and dinosaurs, as well as marine animals like killer whales and sharks.

Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. can create a customized experience that supports your organization’s conservation mission. Contact us today to learn more about our process and capabilities.