Meet the artisans

Lantern festivals are not just about lighting up the night; they’re a symphony of creativity, imagination, and meticulous planning. Each festival stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of talented designers, that help captivate families and visitors alike.

From beginning to end, these festivals are a labor of love, carefully crafted to deliver a unique experience with every edition. The magic lies in the intricate blend of various elements: venue demands, site characteristics, evolving themes, and of course the  designers’ creativity.

Inspiration is the lifeblood of these mesmerizing creations. Drawing from a diverse palette of artistic forms – environmental art, folk art, and children’s innocent yet vivid imagination – designers infuse their unique perspectives, creating a symphony of colors, shapes, and movements in each lantern masterpiece.

At the wheel of these enchanting displays are passionate creatives, whose responsibility spans from the early stages of conceptual planning to the fine-tuning of every detail. This involves brainstorming fresh themes, refining ideas, and ensuring seamless execution by collaborating closely with professional designers.

The process is no less than an art form itself, stretching across three vital stages: initial creative proposal, mid-term design and drawing. Each project undergoes rigorous audits and reviews across various departments, ensuring flawless execution and an unforgettable visitor experience.

We invite families to immerse themselves in this captivating journey. Step into a world where lanterns merge with childhood dreams, transcending the ordinary into the extraordinary. Witness the magic come alive a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and unbridled enchantment for the whole family. Let the lanterns guide you into a realm where imagination knows no bounds, promising an experience unlike any other.