How Tianyu Brings Attention to Extinct and Endangered Species


Providing educational insight about sustainability is something that Tianyu is very passionate about. Inspiration for the natural world and care for the environment can be seen in the themes, messaging, and artistry of Tianyu’s hand-crafted lanterns.

beyond the glimmering lights and animated flora or fauna, guests learn about Earth’s ecosystems in creative and interactive ways. Tianyu encourages visitors to become more eco-conscious with colorful and carefully hand-crafted lanterns that showcase mammals, reptiles, and sea life in their natural habitats. There is beauty not only in the lanterns but in the stories told. Each lantern portrays the accuracy of the species in a captivating, fun story!

Using research, modeling, and production techniques, Tianyu’s designers carefully reproduce the unique characteristics of each animal and plant, creating larger-than-life representations that allow visitors to get up close and deepen their understanding of each species.

To create an immersive experience, Tianyu enhances the displays with lighting, smoke, and special effects to make visitors feel as if they have stepped into a forest, taken a deep dive into the ocean, or journeyed to a savanna. The thrill of the experience with scientific and educational elements enriches visitors’ knowledge of the plants and animals that play an essential role in their natural ecosystems.

Relive the story of the Tasmanian Tiger, also known as the thylacine. These creatures were the largest carnivorous marsupials of modern times with a mighty bite. You can almost hear it growl when you approach its lantern model! Sadly, Tasmanian tigers are extinct, with the last known creature dying in captivity in 1936. Their legacy lives on through our lanterns, where their stories are appreciated, and the natural beauty of its life and habitat is captured in information panels.
Travel to Australia’s Eucalyptus woodland and discover the wonders of the koala. With their fluffy ears, button noses, and gentle demeanor, koalas have captured the hearts of people worldwide. You may be tempted to walk up and pet its lifelike lantern. Despite their cute appearance, koalas currently have vulnerable conservation status. People often don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone; however, Tianyu uses craftsmanship to celebrate and preserve wildlife stories regardless of conservation status.

Tianyu has gone to great lengths to reduce waste on an organizational level. Reusing lanterns to their maximum lifespan, using LED lights to reduce energy consumption, and recycling waste materials amplifies a commitment to creating a more sustainable world. 

In 2022, Tianyu celebrated Earth Day with the theme “Invest in Our Planet,” which highlighted reusable lanterns and introduced fun educational facts on endangered species. Being passionate about sustainability allows Tianyu to partner with zoos nationwide to complement existing exhibitions, share their conservation messaging, and supplement their public education efforts.

The inspiration behind Tianyu’s light shows comes from the natural beauty of the wildlife that the Earth provides. The focus on animals and plants in Tianyu’s lantern festivals is rooted in their interconnectedness with human life. Showing the relation between humanity and the world can inspire activism and a desire to protect wildlife!

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Over the last 12 years, Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. has worked with zoos, botanical gardens, and natural science institutions to create memorable festivals that millions of visitors enjoy each year. We have gained a firsthand look at the work our partners do to create a sustainable world and to protect the animals that inhabit it.

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