Dragons and the Zodiac Calendar


The Tale of the Four Dragon Kings in Chinese Mythology

In Chinese Folklore Emperor Jade, is a prominent figure in Chinese mythology. Emperor Jade is sometimes depicted as riding or accompanied by four dragons, each representing a cardinal direction and possessing unique attributes and responsibilities. These dragons are known as the Four Dragon Kings or Long Wang. Emperor Jade appointed them as rulers of the seas and bestowed upon them the title of Dragon Kings.

Each Dragon King is associated with a specific sea or body of water, and they are revered as protectors of sailors, fishermen, and those who depend on the waters for their livelihood. This story is particularly significant, as dragons hold a special place in Chinese mythology and symbolism.

                 Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with Tianyu in Reno and Milwaukee

Tianyu’s mission aligns with promoting awareness and appreciation of Chinese cultural traditions and folklore stories, including those related to the Zodiac calendar. In 2024 the Year of the Dragon, we encounter mesmerizing dragon-themed lanterns that embody the mythical charm of these iconic creatures.

Dragon Lights Reno: Year of the Dragon              China Lights: Year of the Dragon      

    September 27 – November 30, 2024                          September 6 – October 27, 2024

The art of lantern-making is a cherished tradition passed down through generations. Skilled artisans infuse their creations with cultural motifs and Zodiac symbolism, blending ancient wisdom with modern creativity. To fully immerse yourself in the magic of Chinese lanterns and the Zodiac, consider visiting renowned Tianyu lantern festivals.

These festivals offer a unique opportunity to witness spectacular lantern displays, participate in traditional activities, and embrace the festive spirit alongside locals and visitors alike. Not only does this allow you to witness breathtaking displays but also provides an opportunity to participate and embrace the festive spirit.