This is every child’s favorite exhibit of our Chinese lantern festival!
We produce a variety of dinosaur exhibit materials, including animatronics dinosaurs,
dinosaur models, fossil replicas, and more. These products are exported to several
countries for amusement parks, zoo exhibits, traveling displays, and more.

Dinosaurs have long fascinated people of all ages. These massive prehistoric creatures once roamed the Earth in large numbers. Even though they are extinct today, dinosaurs continue to captivate the imagination of people around the world!

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Realistic and Engaging Dinosaurs Appeal to All Ages

As a leading producer of carefully engineered dinosaur exhibits, we strive to supply realistic, interesting models of several of the most intriguing types of dinosaurs. These include the huge Brontosaurus, the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the ever-popular horned Triceratops. Today, scientists have identified many different varieties of dinosaurs.

Natural history exhibits of dinosaur fossils hold great appeal for audiences. Our dinosaur exhibitions help attendees grasp just how different the prehistoric world must have appeared! With models, animatronic dinosaurs, and dinosaur bone fossil replicas, we engage people of all ages and help spark their curiosity about the prehistoric period.

Dinosaur Exhibitions Enhance Awareness of Natural History

It startles many people to realize dinosaurs walked the Earth for well over 100 million years. While these creatures have become extinct today, they once dominated our planet. In fact, the era of the dinosaurs lasted far, far longer than human beings have existed as a species.

Our dinosaur exhibits can be a way to spark discussions for teachers, parents and anyone with a curious mind. Some of the questions you might ask include: Did dinosaurs represent a less successful, slowly evolving form of life, or a highly successful biological adaptation? Does the relative speed of human evolution (by comparison with dinosaurs) inspire optimism? What will the residents of Earth look like millions of years from now? You can adapt the discussion to the age of your students, but one thing is for sure: There’s something for everyone to enjoy at our dinosaur exhibits!

We hope our striking Natural History presentations generate a lot of public interest in Prehistory and dinosaurs. We’ve worked hard to create some impressive and informative displays. Our guests appreciate the care and attention invested in every Tianyu dinosaur exhibit.

Great Dino Fun For Families

We highly recommend all of our exhibitions and performances as a source of family entertainment, fun, and education, and our dinosaur exhibits are no exception. Visiting a carefully designed natural history display offers an opportunity to explore the distant past in a very tangible, real way.

With their natural curiosity, young children in particular often benefit from this type of family excursion. Even the smallest kids, who would normally be too young to appreciate a guided museum tour, will be spellbound. They’ll especially love the animatronic dinos that show them how these prehistoric giants used to look and sound!

Our exhibits have garnered high praise from educators and museum curators alike. We assist people in expanding their knowledge and appreciation of the exciting Prehistoric Era. Just consider a few excellent reasons to take your entire household with you during a visit to a Tianyu Dinosaur Exhibit:

● Enjoy a fun-filled family excursion
● Share the excitement of learning about dinosaurs
● Inspire your children to think about Prehistory
● Invest in an educationally enriching experience!

By spending high quality time with your loved ones touring our exhibits, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to forge life long memories. Share an exciting experience that all of you can treasure for years! We believe our Dinosaur Exhibitions are one of the best ways for families to spend meaningful leisure time together.

Remember, we offer exhibits and information about dinosaurs of interest to people of all ages. From young children to parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, everyone in your household will find this experience enjoyable and informative. The entire family can have fun during a visit to one of our Dinosaur Exhibitions at our travelling  Lantern Festival and China lights show. 

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