Customized Lanterns and Services

We offer custom lantern designs and other services based on your unique needs.

Sponsor Lanterns

Tianyu designers can work with sponsors to turn a logo or corporate symbol into a colorful lantern. These lanterns provide unparalleled brand exposure during a festival, and afterwords can be kept as a unique office centerpiece. Visit Philadelphia’s beloved XOXO symbol was an extremely popular photo backdrop, earning the sponsor untold additional social media impressions. 

Team Mascot Lanterns

Hennes the Goat is one of the biggest celebrities in the North-Rhein area of Cologne. As the mascot of FC Koln – a member of the Bundesliga, the top football league in Germany – Hennes is treated like a King. The goat has been the mascot of FC Koln since 1950 and we are currently witness to the ninth installment in the grand goat dynasty. Hennes is a living legend. Beginning in 2017, Tianyu has created a lantern Hennes each year for an event at the Cologne Zoo. The Hennes lantern is always one of the most popular at the event.

Custom Film Backdrop for the James Bond Movie Skyfall

These massive Tianyu dragon head lanterns set the scene for James Bond’s visit to the Macau Casino in the blockbuster movie Skyfall—one of the highest grossing international films of all time.

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