Free Phone Wallpaper Featuring Your Favorite Lantern Designs!


Grab your phones and light up the darkness with free Tianyu phone wallpapers featuring our illuminated lantern displays seen at festivals across the world! Pick one of our options to brighten up your life every time you check your phone. You can even request a customized wallpaper by letting us know which of your favorite lanterns you'd like to see on your phone! Simply send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram with your “Lantern Wallpaper Request”! Take a Tianyu Lantern Festival everywhere you go! Click the button below the image to download one or all of the wallpapers now.

Check out these phone wallpaper ideas!

Add a spark of joy every time you unlock your phone.

Oh deer! Open your phone to these graceful creatures.

Show that you're fierce with ferocious dinosaur wallpaper.

Get dreamy with our jellyfish lantern as your phone wallpaper.

Stay sharp, like a wolf in the moonlight with this phone wallpaper.

Dart frogs are cute and dangerous⁠—maybe a little bit like you?

Are you ready to take flight? Spread your wings when you see this bird wallpaper.

A school of colorful fish will brighten your day with this phone wallpaper background.

Show your romantic side with this heart and roses as your phone wallpaper.

Go out on a limb with this daring panda bear as your phone wallpaper.

You'll be happier than a panda family at a bamboo feast with this phone wallpaper.

What lantern would you like to see next as customized wallpaper? Send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram with your “Lantern Wallpaper Request,” and you may see it here!