New Lanterns to expect in 2023

23 brand-new lanterns were added to Tianyu’s already impressive catalog in 2023. You will not want to miss seeing them at a festival near you! 

There are four in particular that will be on visitors’ photo lists. These animal-themed lanterns feature a shark head , a kangaroo, a cobra snake, and a panda head. They are incredibly detailed and will surely be a hit with all visitors. Capture a thrilling shot of yourself or your friends being “devoured” by the towering eight-foot-tall cobra snake lantern for a scream-worthy addition to your photo collection!

Imagine the adrenaline rush of escaping from the jaws of an apex predator. Pose as prey and escape the depths of the shark head lantern’s mouth – a perfect photo opportunity awaits thrill-seekers and photography enthusiasts alike. Inspired by ancient Chinese tradition dating back thousands of years, Tianyu’s artisans use traditional and modern techniques to create intricate lanterns. The result is a stunning piece of art that blends history with modernity, making them a favorite among many.

Providing immersive experiences that guests can fully engage with is one of Tianyu’s long-standing goals. Each interactive lantern is made with intricate detail and designed to encourage engagement mixed in with education and entertainment.

Stroll along the Interactive Road Light lantern and groove to music as the lantern changes color to your movement. If you’re out on a date, share a kiss in the night in the Kissing Love lantern. When you see lips on the screen, pucker up! The more you kiss, the higher the score. The lantern has a camera that will record your kisses, which can be downloaded via a QR code later.

Step back in time to an ancient world filled with wonder and excitement as you look at the Dinosaur Performance Suit up close. You will be amazed at the life-like intricate craftsmanship. There are numerous opportunities to interact with the lanterns during any festival. Rest assured; you will have a blast with your family.

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