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Chinese Lantern Festivals

For centuries, lanterns and lampions are lit on the fifteenth day of of the first Chinese calendar month to pray for a good harvest. Chinese lantern festivals are still held each year. During Chinese New Year, families go out to watch the beautiful lanterns and light ornaments, crafted by Chinese artisans. Each light object tells a legend, or symbolizes an ancient Chinese folktale.
In addition to illuminated decorations, shows, performances, food, drinks and children’s activities are frequently offered, turning any visit into an unforgettable experience.


Chinese Cultural Performances

Chinese art performances are representative of China’s long history and rich culture. Some of our most popular overseas performance include acrobatics, Chinese dances, fire performances, and more.

Chinese Cultural Exhibitions

In recent years, Chinese cultural exhibitions have opened overseas and have attracted huge amounts of foreign visitors with an interest in Chinese culture and history. We help those interested in learning more about China do so by offering a wide range of cultural exhibits including Chinese food, Chinese traditional dress, crafts, and more.


Dinosaur Exhibitions

Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc is a professional manufacturer and organizer of dinosaur Exhibitions. We produce a variety of dinosaur exhibit materials, including animatronics dinosaurs, dinosaur models, fossil replicas, and more. These products are exported to several countries for amusement parks, zoo exhibits, traveling displays, etc.

Traditional Chinese Handicrafts

We offer traditional Chinese handicrafts at both our Chinese lantern festivals and state fairs. Some of our traditional crafts include sugar painting, name painting, inside painting, and hand drawing. The ancient art of sugar painting includes painting opera figures, flowers, and animals with sugar. The end result is both edible and ornamental. Name painting combines calligraphy with vivid imagery. It looks like a painting but is actually a beautiful display of someone’s name. Inside painting, also known as painting snuff bottles, involves painting beautiful figures inside transparent materials. Hand drawing uses colored pens to decorate traditional Chinese cultural elements like lanterns, paper fans, and umbrellas. All of these artistic processes are cultural experiences in their own right.


Illuminated Parade Floats

Planning on participating in a holiday or festive parade? We can help design and create Illuminated Parade Floats for all occasions!

Custom Projects

We are also available to help you with any custom projects not mentioned above. For more information, please contact us!

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