About Us

Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. is the American subsidiary of the international design and manufacturing company Sichuan Tianyu, which is headquartered in Zigong, China. Sichuan Tianyu organizes world-class Chinese cultural events, and tailors experiential marketing solutions on an international scale.

Sichuan Tianyu is renowned for its ability to combine Chinese-folk culture and entertainment into popular China Light Festivals and carnival experiences. Sichuan Tianyu has successfully hosted Chinese light festivals and other celebrations of Chinese culture around the world. Some of our past festival locations include:

Columbus, OH, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Spokane, WA, USA

New Orleans, LA, USA

Utrecht, Netherlands

Milan, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Cary, NC, USA

Milwaukee, WI, USA

San Antonio, TX, USA

Norfolk, VA, USA

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Antwerp, Belgium

Budapest, Hungary

Dubai, UAE

You may have also seen our work featured in the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall!

Our successful global events have allowed us to maintain offices in the United States, Australia and Europe. We believe sharing lantern shows and other entertainment traditions can improve intercultural communication between China and the World!